Getting started: Where to find more info?


After evaluating the demos and installed the ERP, I haven’t been able to find information on how to setup the platform.

At least in my case, I feel that maybe it is the Accounting module is the hearth of the implementation, as I expect that most of the operations with the platform involve some kind of transaction.

It seems that module requires some other things, like currencies, units, locations, taxes. I’ve read the Functional Documentation which helps but not exactly in the way how the things should be configured.
For example, I wish I have clear how to make a proper backup so if I make a mistake how to recover before the unwanted change. Also, I haven’t yer figure it out how to properly import my local Account Charts.

I’m eager to succeed. There are many things I like about this platform and I’m willing to contribute. Perhaps someone who can provide me tips or sources (even in other languages), I may be able to put them together in a repository.


I have found this from a previous version:

  • ERP functional documentation
  • Sales flow
  • Purchase flow
  • Job costing flow
  • Manufacturing flow

this is latest docs link