Getting this error Cannot invoke method getSupplyChainConfig() on null object

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Hi all, Im getting error Cannot invoke method getSupplyChainConfig() on null object when add in product in SO Line, anything i can do? or do i miss out any setting?
thanks a lot

Hi all, any idea on this error?
I have try to modify the suppychain config. but still the same
is there anything else i can try?


What is the version of AOP ?
You have a line entry, but can you also present the prior entry of the header (SO) ?
Do you have the part of the log where the error occurs ?

Thanks for your reply. Appreciate.
My axelor version is Version: 6.0.1.
So far, I do not see any relate error in catalina.log.

I found a similar problem on an AOS 6.0.9 version
action: action-sale-order-line-attrs-show-delivery-panel
ERROR 5339 — [nio-8080-exec-3] com.axelor.script.CompositeScriptHelper : Script error: !user.getActiveCompany().getSupplyChainConfig().getHasOutSmForNonStorableProduct()
java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke method getHasOutSmForNonStorableProduct() on null object

You can correct the action: action-sale-order-line-attrs-show-delivery-panel by rewriting ? after getActiveCompany() ? and after .getSupplyChainConfig() ? , as follows

Only save and refresh this action and it should work better.

But if you can, use the latest AOS 6.1.2 version instead, which fixed this problem and many others.


Thanks PakMak
The solution have solve my issue. Thanks a lot
Noted, will arrange for update to latest version.