Gradle speed

anyone can guide how to improve the speed of axelor gradle startup, say if we have change only in one module part, it reprocess all modules and few minutes to up

other face same issue or it is my machine issue ?

Facing the same issue, was gonna post here with the same question.

If I come across anything I’ll share.

thanks you are on windows?

I had the same. I just make gradle use only few modules.
For example, this is how you can fix it :
In settings.gradle :

def requiredModules = [ 
def modules = []
file("modules").traverse(type:, maxDepth: 1) { it ->
    if(new File(it, "build.gradle").exists() && requiredModules.contains( ) { modules.add(it) }

gradle.ext.appModules = modules

modules.each { dir ->
	include "modules:$"
	project(":modules:$").projectDir = dir

Then it will not compile not required one.

I am also facing same issue.

Around 7 to 10 minutes to complete.

Did you do what I wrote before ?
Maybe you can reduce it. Maybe you didn’t give not enough RAM or you don’t have very good computer.

Yes, @Elikill58 external tomcat server is not a solution in my case. I am executing the gradle on cri5 /8 generation /ssd-nvme drive computer.

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