Grid and Form views are not shown

Hello all,

I’ve been trying to create a new user based on new role, permission, group. When I logged in as the new user, both Grid and Form views data are not shown as in the attached image.


Grid and form are shown as you can see the total number of records and all other details.
But as not able to view the values of fields, There can be some reasons, Some of them can be

  • If it’s a custom model, to display any field in grid need to enable Visible in grid option while creating the custom field for specific custom model
  • If it’s real (existing) model, it may possible that user may not have the permission to view the fields which have been shown to in the grid. (This permission can be restricted from Permission (fields) section from Role , User or Group).

Hope this will be helpful.
Let us know if not able to resolve with some further details like which type of model it is and how you have managed the permissions.

Thank you.