Grid to Form

Hi All,
As a general question, how do we tell a app to open up a specify form when clicked on the « edit-icon ».

For example,
View : supplier-catalog-grid


I don’t see it saying which form to open, upon clicking on the « edit » icon.



In order to access object views, we need an application menu. The menu is defined using XML syntax along with views & view actions.

The <menuitem> is used to define a menu item. The application menu is hierarchical so menu items can be organized as parent-child.

Further, The view action is used to open object views. The view actions are used to define the application menu.

The <action-view> is used to define the action views.

For Example:

<menuitem name="menu-contact-friends"
  title="All Contact"

<action-view name="contact.all" title="Contacts"
  <view type="grid" name="contact-grid"/> 
  <view type="form" name="contact-form"/> 

In this way, we could create menu items, and connect the specific type of view to link to the menu item.

And the « edit-icon » of the grid opens the form mentioned in the ‹ action-view ›