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 Have the requirement in sales module to display count of total sales done in Grid View.  Is there a way in Axelor where in grid view, you need to display total sales quantity.

@femtonext: Can you please know whether this is possible. I am aware when you perform group by operations it is possible. But when group by is not performed is that possible.

you can make custom query to show table or graph

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Thanks Siddique for the reply. But this is not what we are looking for. In Grid View, when you group by any column, there is provision to display totals. What our requirement is, we don’t want to perform group by operation, but we need to display total of the sales. Checked in the technical documentation as well as Axelor demo but not able to find how to display total amount.

total of sales without group ??
I am not sure if we can get total without group

you have some dimension on which you want to show total sales, say sales by customer etc??

hi Siddique,

  There is requirement in the project to display total sales done.  Irrespective of customers or any other dimension.  Could you please help whether it is possible in Axelor to display total sales without group. 

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Malav Shah

it is quite normal, and for this dashboard can help, and under that you have to add dashlet and there you can run custom query to get total sales however you want

hi Siddique,

  This is chart.  I want to use grid view to display list of sales in sales module.  But at the bottom needs to display total sales done.  Is there a way to display the same.  I tried to check technical documentation as well as demo of axelor, no where i was able to find this functionality.  so want to confirm where axelor provides facility to display totals.

no experience yet, but it’s easy to do