Help in fine tuning the permissions

Hey there, im still sifting my way through axelor and it would seem that I would need to modify permissions more to be able to do what I need.

In this screen, what would be my options for conditions and parameters and to what extent can I manipulate them?

I see things like this for project so I can see some of the possibilities

Lets say I would want to show only the tasks of the project the user is a member of, how will I go about that?

Is it also possible for me to have two separate permissions for the same object, lets say, I have a general permission but only for read while I have certain conditions for the user to be able to write? ex. He can read all tasks but must own the task to be able to edit it.


what other things can I use other than __ user __? What does it actually contain?

user is logged in user you can access anything this model holds

you can have any number of non conflicting permission set

for project filter you have to apply more or less same conditions as shown for companySet

are there any other parameters that can be used other than __ user __ ?

Also, are you allowed to have two permissions for the same project…wherein the 1st permission is only read, while the 2nd permission is write but with conditions?
Sorry, is this what you meant by non conflicting(struck out text above)?
as long as the permissions are independent from each other? ex. perm 1 as read, and perm 2 has read and write --> would count as conflicting?

yes docs give such information

i meant by assigning to same user or group, as long as they are meant for different user or group, it is fine, also if you are sure what you allowing it will be taken care,

I should review the technical documentation more. I actually assumed the technical documentation was only when designing custom apps from scratch. I also I assumed I would only need to check the functional documentation. I’ll go read up. Thank you for the reply

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