Hide menuitem from new module

Is it possible to hide menuitems or grid/form elements from external module instead of updating aos files?
I need to remove all the tracking informations from the menus/grids/forms of stocks application

you can define new views without disturbing aop files,

For the views I see with view extensions (replace, after, …) but in my case the bigger problem is the menu items. I can hide them from the menu configurator but it still a local change or am I wrong? I want to do the most in sources instead of interfaces

you can make new menus start from root, and define them for different groups, and you should create a new module and keep all files there without messing up with core files

Ok Good idea. I see what you mean (rewriting default menu by my custom menu). But what I do with the originals? I hide them in the menu configurator? It isn’t possible by code?

yes possible, anything you did from UI is possible by code, saying to stay away from defaults