How can adjust leave-calendar can will be view by all staff

Hi, I am now testing Axelor 6.2.9, I found that just current user and his manager can view his own leave-calendar, how can adjust leave-calendar than all people can view all employees leaving schedule ?

Thanks for your help

Hello Edmund,
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There are permission on database level for the users, roles and groups.

In your case Manager have the permission to Read,Write,Create,Delete etc but other user have only read or maybe write permissions.

You can go to users and give your currents user permission that manager have.

here you can select permissions.

Hello, thanks for your information, that method was tried but fail, still colleague can saw his own leaves schedule and manager can saw leaving schedule from his team, just click the user as HR manager can show all leaving schedule. I am thinking about how to adjust the domain of leaves calendar to show all user leaving schedule to every users.


In the leaveCalendar method of the controller class, commenting the instructions below should quickly meet your needs

// if (employee == null || !employee.getHrManager()) {
// actionView
// .domain(
// actionView.get().getDomain()
// + " AND leaveRequest.user.employee.managerUser = :_user")
// .context("_user", user);
// }

NB: However, it is not recommended to modify the AOS class directly, to facilitate migrations when changing versions.

copy the code in your own module and enjoy the both

Thanks for your help, because I am new in Axelor, where can I found the place to modify controller class