How can I add custom fields?


I am new to CRMs and ERPs. Axelor seems very easy to someone like me, but there are technical things I can’t understand.

One of these are related to the customing. How can I add more fields?
For example, I’d like to add more fields for Customers and Leads. How can I add them? And does it is possible to add calculated fields too?

Hello @bebop75
You need to add new fields inside the model and view as well as change for calculation of calculated fields.

Hello , where are the case to use json attr and case you could add fields on model ?

I never used json, only changed XML view and models accordingly and refresh all views at application startup.
For example, I needed to add new fields for the employee entity.

custom fields can be added easily and are handled by axelor
they get saved in attrs column in json

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