How do l add a column to any table in database

How do l add a column to any table in database

extend its model please

Can you give an example?

can you please share in which table you want to add column

in hr_employee table

Add the below in new module

<?xml version="1.0" ?>
<domain-models xmlns=""

  <module name="human-resource" package=""/>

  <entity name="Employee" cacheable="true">
      <decimal name="leaves" title="Leaves in a year" scale="2" precision="20" />

not working with me

It is abstract statement, can you shed more light what exactly not working, any gist of your working and or screenshot will help community to solve it

l added the previous code in C:\Users\Arkan\axelor-source\axelor-erp\modules\axelor-open-suite\axelor-human-resource\src\main\resources\domains module then i build but the column did not add

you have already table installed please drop table and it will be fine

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Thank you so much siddique ahmad

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