How do you create a task without installing the Projects module?


The documentation Travail d’équipe indicates that

Once the module « Projects » is installed, it is required to link a task to a project

I have not installed the module Projects. However, I receive the following error message:

The following fields are invalid:

  • Project

How can I create a task without install the Project module? Even if the module is installed, how can I create a task without being required to associated it to a project? For example, in « My tasks. »

Thanks in advance,

  • Marcus GABRIEL, Aycad

which version you are using

Axelor Open Suite - Axelor Entreprise Application: Version: 6.0.10

Axelor SDK: Version: 5.3.9

do you have support or supply chain module installed?

I have installed with an importation of only the roles and not the data, because I find the roles useful, the following modules: Base, Sale, Purchase, Invoicing, Accounting, Projects (so I can nevertheless have Tasks anyway), Stock, and CRM.

I have neither Supplychain nor Helpdesk (which I assume is Support) installed.