How to add product Serial No to the Delivery Note (Stock move / Customer delivery)?

Hi, what is the correct way to add shipped product Serial No(s) to the Delivery Note (I believe this is a Stock move / Customer delivery in Axelor)?


depends on your parameter.

the product is manufacture ? You buy it with the serial number ?

you know about FIFO LIFO ? Because axelor can select the good serial number if the product have good parameters.

You can manually select the serial number in the customer delivery.

Hi, thank you very much for getting back.

  1. Yes we manufacture
  2. Yes, we can buy and still need to add Serial No.
  3. Please explain the logic behind FIFO LIFO. I do understand the meaning of the acronyms, but cannot grasp the meaning in the Axelor Serial No context.
  4. How can we manually enter Serial Number(s) into the Customer Delivery? A screenshot would help.

  1. configure for your case. Configure sequence for automaticly create the good number with implementation. Configure the product with this sequence in production way.

  2. configure this part too for handle serial number

  3. For the delivery, chose the methode you want for having automaticaly the good serial number selected. If everything is configure, you should never have to select manualy. If you do, make process in interne some reason to cancel or destroy some product. with a stock move, you can define reason to short some serial number.

  4. my way :

Dear @dtneo I have the same problem, I tried what you described, but it’s not working(
I’ve created a tracking number configuration:

After that I’ve add this configuration to the product:

But when I create a supplier arrival, the tracking number is empty, I only can add the new one:

What I’m doing wrong?
And if I can only add manually the tracking code, how can I do this for 2 or more goods, each of which has its own serial number?

The tracking number works better when you « plan » the customer delivery.

value of StatusSelect must be 2 in database.