How to enter a downpayment made to the supplier

I can’t find how I am able to enter a downpayment which I paid for an order I placed to the supplier.
I can find an advance payment option for the sales order for the customer, But I dont see no option to register down payment to the supplier. I do this now by creating a new move line in accounts by crediting my money account and debiting the suppliers account for the equal amount. Is this correct? or is there any straight way?

Your help is highly appreciated.


If you place a supplier order up to the Validated status, you can click on the Generate control invoice button

When the invoice is in Ventilated status, you can enter partial payments by clicking on the Register payment button

For a deposit of 1000 €, it remains to pay 1520 € out of 2520 €

Hope this meets your needs !?

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Thank you very much.