How to format my bank statement?


I’m looking into how to import my bank statement into Axelor. I see in the demo that a .txt file is used and is formatted a particular way. Does anyone know the formatting procedure? I’m on version 7.2.7 and I don’t see where I can access the file formats for both the statement and reconciliation? I see that it was added in the newer version of Axelor under the configuration of the Accounting Module.

I’ve more or less figured out what most of the file contains and what it is related to. But the format is still puzzling. I just don’t know what the stuff on the left side that isn’t highlighted for. I know the descriptions and the amount are to the right. Any guidance would be helpful!

After doing so more research, it seems as though all bank statement file formats are European/French. We are based in the United States, thus our banks use BAI/BAI2. Is there anyway to get the BAI format in here or is making a conversion from BAI > CFONB/AFB 120 the only way to properly import our statements?