How to install other angular library to axelor view

I want to add an angular library to axelor project. I have tried search but I can’t find any solutions.
Please share with me if you have any solutions.
Thank you.

Axelor docs are best source, here is the link, let me know if you needs more help

Thank you for your response. So I want to install an outside library How I can install and use it?

This ( is an Angular 2+ (aka Angular) module. Axelor uses AngularJS (older version). Angular 2+ was redesigned from scratch and is not compatible to AngularJS.

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you can put any lib like this, under your own module you can keep the lib, and it will be copied to main webapp, and you can use it.

There is no default or built in method to use the own frontend work, however as it is angular 1, anything can be used like that,

you can use own html based small application, and open it under view of type html, see for reference

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Thank you so much. I’ll try it. You guys are awesome.

ngx-barcode-scanner is an Angular wrapper module around QuaggaJS. It requires an Angular app and all the infrastructure and bootstrap code that comes with it.
It would probably be much easier to just use QuaggaJS directly instead which is plain Javascript module.

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So my problem is to integrate barcode scan into project axelor for inventory. Do you have any more viable libraries?

you want to scan using axelor application ?

Yes. I want to integrate barcode scanning to keep track of inventory

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my suggestion is to make one small application which can do barcode scanning, and don’t think of axelor while developing that application, once done we can move to integration part.

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Hi, I have followed this link, but I am getting an error, I don’t know if my file location is correct or not…
You can see

accidentally you made a new folder named index? have you changed something in header footer ?

yes, i have created folder named index and i don’t know is that correct ?

what you want to achieve ?

Thanks. I have solved it.

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thanks for the awesome information.

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