How to integrate Push notificaiton with FCM

Hello, I am new to Axelor. I would like to integrate FCM / Firebase related push notifications from Axelor.

I did not find any Documentation on how to integrate it specifically on the Axelor platform. is there any documents or links that we can refer ?

I only found this where the internal messaging platform provides the list of message but that is not what I am aiming for.

Thanks in advance for the help

you need to add service workers and also have to use CDI events to generate push notification, that will not be hard

Thanks Siddique. But can you please elaborate on how to add service workers and what is CDI events ?

I am very new to Axelor platform. if there is any links of documentation I could refer please share it

CDI is not linked with axelor, you can see HR module, i guess there is added custom js,

@siddique Can you tell me if there is any configurations I need to do with Axelor for enabling the FCM push notifications ? Basically push notification will be send on any event let for say for example we save an order and we send push notification to Mobile Application.

In spring boot application I have seen the FCM key configuration with aws endpoint way is possible but how it is to be integrated with Axelor ?

Also @siddique n you please explain what is CDI is and means?

here they explained it, docs are best way to start, rest if you still feel issue, let me know