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I’m using Axelor 6.1.7 and I wanted to upgrade since version 6.1.8 is out. I’m using docker, so I decide to delete the container and the volumes pointing to tomcat. And rebuild the container using the new war. Everything seems fine, but I can’t open the modules and the console prints :

2022-04-07 22:16:17.197 DEBUG 96 — [nio-8080-exec-4] com.axelor.rpc.Resource : Records found: 0

By the way, the about Axelor gives some weird information :


Some post on the forum says that I have to rebuild everything and make a diff between the old and new database and apply the changes to the new one. But what does that mean and why on earth would I do that? Is the database updated with every minor release?

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we need to compare changes for DB :slight_smile: , there is no proper way axelor guys told yet, but as it is not major change, so you will be in less hassle
good luck

How can I compare the changes? I have dumped the Axelor 6.1.7 and 6.1.8 databases with pg_dumb and there are more than 240,000 changes. Mainly because of the dates, but not only, because there is no way to apply changes with such different files.

Can you explain more precisely how to modify, for example, the 6.1.7 database with the new data from the 6.1.8 databases? For example, how to compare the changes and how to update the database.

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Between these two minor releases, there should be no major database changes.
If there is a modification, it is unlikely that you will use them.
If you have already made some settings, it is better to point the v.6.1.8 application to the old database. The Hibernate JPA ORM will automatically create the new data structures in the old database.
If you want to compare, you only need to realize the differences between the database schemas, without the data, to estimate a first impact for you.
Below are the changes from v.6.1.8

[6.1.8] 2022-04-01

#### Changes

* BPM Manager: display version tag with name of the bpm.

#### Fixed

* Product Disponibility: missing filter on products set

Add filter to remove products that are not stock managed from product set in product disponibility form

* Lead: Add missing checks for duplicated reference during lead conversion.
* Lead: Fix 'NullPointerException' error when an user linked to a lead does not have an active company during lead conversion.
* Lead: fix loading lead logo when converting a lead to a partner.
* SALEORDER: added missing french translation for the warning message appearing when the total amount is equal to zero.
* Chart Builder: Fix tag support on on-click open records.
* Purchase Order: when generating a purchase order from a sale order, generated purchase order lines order is now correctly retrieved from sale order lines.
* Move, Accounting Period: improve format of displayed dates in error message.
* FixedAsset: validation of a fixed asset is now correctly prevented when the validation is done from a grid view and the fixed asset does not have a positive gross value.
* Supplier stock move invoicing wizard now correctly opens invoice supplier grid.
* Invoice: Remove duplicated specific notes copied from tax when we have multiple lines.
* Contact: fixed duplicate contact name warning not displayed when the contact was not saved.
* Studio: Fix call to action-view in dashlet generated from dashlet builder.
* User: Fix missing "create partner" and "create employee" buttons when creating a new user.
* App Management: Fix typo in french translation in warning message before installation.

#### Removed

* ObjectDataConfig : Delete status select

Thank you @PakMax,

I don’t know why I didn’t think to compare the schema instead of the database contents, but I was able to update the application using this information.

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