How to remote axelor database (postgreSQL) from SQL Client like navicat?

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Can anyone tell me how to remote axelor postgreSQL database from SQL Client like navicat or others. I have install Axelor 4.1 AutoInstaller on Windows 10 in my virtualbox and also access apps successfully.

i have setup connection in my navicat like printscreen below but always failed. Firewall in my host OS has been disable and port 5433 has been open.

Please help me…

thanks in advance.


I don’t know Navicat, but what I know is when I installed BIRT on windows, I got to download the jdbc and odbc drivers, then create an odbc datasource…and then create an entry in my pg_hba.conf file on the server where Axelor was installed to accept the connexion from my IP address.
Maybe you need to do something like that…but I’m not sure at all
On the other side if you use virtual box, you need to configurate a bridge to be called from outside…but I assume you know and you did that
Maybe that can help you a little

This is most probably a Postgresql server configuration issue. Look at the docs for postgresql.conf and pg_hba.conf ( is a good start…)

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