How to restrict actions for users

Hi there, we are new to Axelor and are having a hard time with the permissions.

So we want to restrict the timesheet validation only to the HR managers. Right now the user can see only their timesheet which is fine, but they can also validate their own timesheet which is not good. We want only the HR manager to be able to validate timesheets.

In the mobile app, the user is able to see everyone’s timesheet items but we need them to only be able to see their own unless they are an HR manager in which case they see their own and others.

Assistance is greatly appreciated, thank you!

Also Just one more thing to add, we know we can hide menu items like the item Timesheets to validate but if the user goes to the link directly, they can see the page. Yes they can see only their own timesheets to validate but we want to block access to the whole page. How would this be possible? Thanks!

try in HR / employer management select your user and in information’s tab put a manager to it

Hi, is it possible to set the maintainer like rv008 says? try to do it and we’ll see if this will solve your problem