How to setup FIFO stock COST VALUE management?

Could somebody explain by way of example how to set up the stock management FIFO feature?

We are using Axelor version 6.3.

We have the trackingnumber enabled.

We cannot figure out a way to set up full (i.e. Quantity and Cost) FIFO control. Please help us figure out how can we get the stock $$$ value adjusted strictly by FIFO rules, i.e. not by « average » price on stock moves.

We have an absolute requirement by our law that the cost of products in stock must be accounted for in the FIFO way, not just the quantity of the physical products.

At the moment, we see Axelor is calculating the average cost, and we cannot find a way to enable FIFO stock monetary value adjustment for stock moves.

Does anyone have a full (i.e. Quantity and Cost Value) stock FIFO management setup and working?
Does Axelor ERP support FIFO fully? Or only quantity?

I hope Axelor’s support will contribute to this critical question.