How to setup the stock management FIFO feature?

Could somebody explain by way of example how to set up the stock management FIFO feature?

We are using Axelor version 6.3.

This is an urgent issue for us - constructive advice will be much appreciated! Thank you!

You have to define your trackingnumber

We did define it, but we don’t see FIFO to be working… Do you have it working? Are there other settings that switch it on?

Can you share screenshots of your settings for Purchasing and stock control?

It work for me.

after define tracking number, define your product as this tracking number.

Then, automatically, your first product in, will be your first out.

I will see what I can screen shot in a hour

With your FIFO enabled, does the stock $$$ value adjust strictly by FIFO rules, i.e. not by « average » price? We have an absolute requirement by our law that the cost for products in stock must be accounted for in the FIFO way, not just the physical products. At the moment, we see Axelor is calculating the average cost and we cannot find a way to enable FIFO stock monetary value adjustment.

I don’t care of the value of the stock with Axelor. So I don’t know exactly for the value.

About this, there are an other option in product configuration

that’s all.

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What does " Perishable " do?

Not much, except that the tracking number turns red past the expiration date of the perishable items.

(not 100% sure)

Thank you. One more question - why is your « Manage Purchase Tracking Nbr » not enabled?

As I am merely a reseller and not a manufacturer, I do not manage the procurement of tracking numbers. My role involves adding the tracking number provided by my manufacturer.

This is not a number that I determine or need to set in a specific sequence.

However, for some other products, I do encounter this situation (even though I am not the manufacturer). For instance, each product might have a unique tracking number, akin to a serial number.

In such cases, I establish the sequences. But in reality, I don’t actively use them because my manufacturer does not provide me with a continuous list of number (logical +1). Therefore, I rely on AI and automation to update the tracking numbers for each purchase.