How to use adk?

hello. i am new axelorian.

i installed axelor demo for customizing my own modules. so i downloaded axelor-demo and adk from git

after do demo i tried abs-web, unfortunately it didn’t work.

i made ROOT.war and put it in /opt/tomcat/webapps /

and when i command that[[ sudo su -c « JAVA_OPTS=-Daxelor.config=/opt/tomcat/ /opt/tomcat/bin/ run » tomcat ]]

something not happend, plz help me. i am totally sad cause it.

guys i solved this problem i just copy to tomcat dir. and then it works!!

it was very simple problem thanks!!

just note that the has to be readable by the tomcat user on linux platform, it’s the reason why it works when placed in the tomcat installation dir.

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thanks lot!!! femtonext!! i will do it what you teach me

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