How to use Apache FreeMarker with axelor

hi, i want to now is’t possible to create my view using FreeMarker or jsp and in that file can i call some action in Onclick event?
if yes, how can i do that?

Hello @hatim
I don’t know, I’m absolutely sure you can call an action REST on your onClick event.
I’m not sure how to integrate your view with the existing, because Axelor frontend is based on AngularJS.

you can use jsp and it will work with freemarker, but it has frontend in angular 1, click events are available as default, but you can not directly consume click events unless you use own components, but what is your use case

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what i want to do if possible is:
after the call of the jsp page (using view-param) I display in a table a list of the elements of a model
at the end of the table display a small form the fields can be modified with a save button

want to edit table data or want to show and edit something else?

using array?? or model?

have you tried by using freemaker a template page and rendering on axelor ?