I want to add multiple image

Hello Everyone,
If any one knows what is file_path to store multiple image? I have created image field using metafile one to many as want to upload multiple image but It is not allowing me to post multiple image giving error that file_path is null how can I upload file path and view all those as image not as grid.

How do you upload file ? using the MetaFiles class or with the WebApp ?

yes I use Meta files

I never use o2m field with MetaFile and I don’t know if it’s supported.
You don’t have to set the file path. If you use MetaFiles.upload(…) the File path is set by the MetaFile service behind.
Could you share some view/domain code to better understand your requirement ?


If I do not use it by o2m it is set by default but if o2m it asks

sorry but i’m a little bit lost. can you share examples of your uses ?