I want to extend the Model com.axelor.apps.hr.db.Employee

I am trying to extend the model com.axelor.apps.hr.db.Employee but this error occurred

error images

Need help !

can you share build.gradle

apply plugin: « com.axelor.app-module »

axelor {
title « Edge Group HR »
description « Edge Group HR »

Thank you for your time but problem is resolved after I exclude this code from Employee table

    <many-to-one name="barcodeTypeConfig" title="Barcode Type"

main problem was in these lines.
But i don’t know why error was generated when creating this relation.

try to add dependency of

axelor-base / axelor-hr

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Yes, that was the solution .
I just add dependencies and my problem is resolved.
Below are the dependency code that I added in build gradle file.

dependencies {

api project(":modules:axelor-base")
api project(":modules:axelor-human-resource")


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