Images not shown

Hi Axelor Community,
I followed documentation to install Axelor from source, but decided to run it in ‘/axelor-erp’ tomcat context path.
Everything seems to work fine but images are not displayed in applications list.
Is there some parameter to set in or catalina?

I guess you forgot to set file.upload.dir in your so all uploaded files (including app icons) are wiped on each restart

Thank you for your fast answer!
I noticed the file.upload.dir in
file.upload.dir = {user.home}/.axelor/axelor-erp/5.0
Which value should I set here for app icons to show? Where are they located?

It depends on your setup. This should point to an existing directory owned by user running tomcat (eg. tomcat8 (or whatever version) on Debian).
I guess you’ll have to drop & recreate the whole database in order to reinit stuff properly once you’ve properly configured the path.

Thanks again for your fast help :slight_smile:
OK to create a directory owned by tomcat… but how icons will arrive there? Is there any documentation on this subject?

Icons are imported on initial database creation through data-init scripts (XML files), that’s why I told you the easiest way is to drop & recreate database in order to reimport everything.
If you already entered valuable data, you’ll have to play with import script in order to rerun the app creation part.

Hi beuss,
Working perfect!
Thanks a lot.