Implication of update to JAVA 11


As preparation for update to Axelor AOS-7/AOP-6, we have updated Java version from 8 to 11.

The AOP 6.0 migration guide mentions the removal of the JAXB module from Java 11, but does not make it clear whether this module is essential to the building/running of Axelor. Does anyone 1) know if this module is essential, and 2) if so, then how to go about installing it. We get our java packages from the Alma Linux repositories, and have already successfully switched to Java 11 and Tomcat 9.


JAXB was indeed removed from JDK 8 in JDK 11. This change is documented in the official Java documentation JDK 11 migration guide. The removal of JAXB from the JDK was a necessary step to streamline the JDK and focus on core Java technologies. The JAXB functionality is now available as a separate module that can be added to Java applications as needed. In our AOP version 6, we have already added JAXB as a dependency to ensure compatibility with JDK 11 and later versions. If you are implementing JAXB in your code, you will need to update the imports in your code to reflect the new location of the JAXB classes.

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