Import custom .rptdesign to report dir doesn't work

Hello, so I am trying to modify the design of my invoices.
I created a local folder where I put all my custom birt files (aka .rptdesign)
which I only have one in it, named Invoice.rptdesign
In my, I’ve put the directory of my folder in the field = /home/debian/axelor-rpt
And I’ve made sure that tomcat8 had write access to the folder and files.

But it doesn’t seem to override the default Invoice.rptdesign when I create one.

Is there something that i’m missing ?

not apparently, we have did it recently but on windows it was also not working

put in same folder where you have assets like images etc

/home/axelor did worked

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is this the folder you put after the field
file.upload.dir in application properties
because i’ve just tried it, and it doesn’t seem to work
if not where because I can’t access axelor folder since i’m running on a linux server using war :confused:
Thanks you for the earlier answer tho :smiley:

Do you have any more advices ?

I am on Ubuntu and it works, do you have path permission

No I don’t think so, what folder should i add permission?
The webapps one ?
and if you have the code to do that
Thank you

Okay So i added the permission to the folder and put .rptdesign inside the main folder it, but to no avail, is there maybe a way that i modifiy the rptdesign directly to the source folder ?

no, no, I guess, we might have to do zoom or meeting to resolve issue, I am not in favor of direct source changes,

we can implement the Report interface but, lets go easy path fix the path issue, once you available, we can zoom for

Hey so I was not able to make invoice.rptdesign work but
SaleOrder.rptdesign does work by putting it
in report_design_dir and it’s actually all i needed for the moment

Thank you very much for all of your help, I didn’t know you guys could help through Zoom
I am happy to see that this software has a good support since I had really much trouble installing it.

However, I’m interested in hearing what is Report Interface, i’ve seen someone on the forum talked about it. Is there any documentation about that ?

Take care !

I am feeling typo in invoice it’s Invoice.rptdesign

2ndly to help we can go to any extent

Its interface simple as many others we can change anything to our needs, java beauty

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