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I got Axelor up and running, nice application!. Now I want to import customer/lead/contact data from our ERP system with CSV and or XML through the mapping-files, but I haven’s got a clue where to start. Are there examples for this? I searched but I couldn’t find any of them.

Hello , demo datas are good for the structure .

where can i find these files?

On sources or war file

Could you please be a little bit more specific? I checked the WAR files contents but couldn’t find XML mapping files. Also searched on google for Axelor sources but no examples

On source it s on the demo repository of each module :
for example for base module axelor-base\src\main\resources\demo
on fr repository files csv in french , and the structure for import in the file base-config.xml

I wrote in following link for axelor import chart of accounts, but process is general, let me know if you need anything

Thanks @siddique for this. I understand the technique on how data should be imported through 2 files. What I dont understand for example is how do i know what is the name of the database field and which type I should use? For me it is really easy to export the data from our ERP to CSV/XML files. But how to map these so that the Axelor importer can use them. The is not much documentation about this subject (or I can’t find it) :slight_smile: I would like to start with a simple importer for Customers for example

do you know how to get model of any grid?? if you click on settings it will open menu in grid

as shown in image, 2nd way is to see demo data

You mean this screen:

yes, it’s structure of table, you were looking for same?

I think I was looking for that. Is that also the adapter which is under the package label?

couldn’t get later part

I mean this part, is that the adapter?


yes, it is model linked with that

Thanks @siddique for the support. Going to do my best to get it working.

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Alright, one step further now. I have managed to import data in the simple table « base_country » through CSV. Now I want to import customers (is it right that they are called Partners in Axelor?). How do i know which fields in the database are mandatory?

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yes partners, from domain model XML file

OK, Axelor tells me that i have imported 3512 customers as succeded, When I click on customers under CRM there are no records. Also the BASE_PARTNER table is empty.

can you share CSV and XML mapping file in gist