Imported roles from Timesheet module

I have imported the different roles for the installed modules I use.

Successfully imported :slight_smile:

Now, I want to attribute the « User » roles to my « Users » group. So I go to the groups management menu.
And I add the different roles for my « Users » group :

But when I create a user and I want that he create a new Timesheet it said that :

« You are not allowed to create this resource »

What’s wrong with my group ?

Make sure there are no other permissions assigned “Users” group or user you have created.
Also check ‘Données techniques’ on “Users” group to know exact which model has issue.

Thanks for your help :wink:
My group has no other permissions.
But with the « Données techniques » I can see that the error is caused by :

Please check that ‘Timesheet User’ role is added inside with User->Roles. If its included there should be no error.