Importing all Products into Product Details

Hi. We’ve created a menu under manufacturing and we customized it’s model. We wanted to show in that new created menu all the products that we have in our company. Does anyone knows how?

Hello @rovie

Correct me if I understood it wrong, You want to display only whose records of ProductDetails domain which are related to your company Right ?

If yes, Then we can specify the <domain> on menu. You can refer the doc if you want to check it in details : Actions & Menus :: Axelor Documentation
You can check and modify your existing created menu for that custom model from menu Administration > View Management > All Actions.

Now to specify the domain we should have some field in that model in which we can filter out the records. I am not able to figure our exactly from your field list which field you are using to manage the company details for specific ProductDetail. If it’s already present you can use it in domain. Otherwise need to add one field which you can use to filter out the record.

Hope this will help !!
Feel free to contact if anything is there.

Thank you.