Imports files error in service and controller

Hey Community,
I am facing problem while importing .
My Controller files errors are mentioned below.

and My Service files errors are mentioned below.

why these errors are generated ?


To address the issue you’re facing, I recommend checking the build files (build/src-gen/java) to ensure that the classes you’re trying to import are being generated. Additionally, verify whether you have correctly specified the dependencies in the module’s build.gradle file. You can try building the project with the « –refresh-dependencies » flag to refresh the dependencies and resolve any potential conflicts.

If the error persists, it would be helpful if you could provide the specific error message you are encountering. This will enable us to troubleshoot the issue more effectively and provide you with accurate guidance.


To create a Module, need to modify the build.gradle and settings.gradle files.
You can check the docs here

Thank you. Should you have any further questions or require further assistance, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

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Thank you for the reply,
problem was with dependency as I add the right dependency in the module all the errors are gone.

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