Incohérences 5.0-dev → 5.1-dev


Il semblerait qu’un certain nombre de commit soient présents en 5.0 mais pas en 5.1 ce qui pourrait causer des régressions et complique les merges :

$ git cherry -v upstream/5.1-dev upstream/5.0-dev
+ 99d58181649936bbc741834a8d2cd7734d861875 purchases: use default product info when not in catalog
+ 2d150ae4ed598c1cfd40c0c3d1ae3234e793b36f account: add option to automatically create partner's accounts
+ fc154cba4f9c854ec74a12689d3f45a8f6349004 account: add specific sequence type for account generation
- ed036e9e11f48a5e01935a01bb9698ba621b0ee6 Fixed regression on cost sheet calculation from a manuf order
+ e04ae532ce89bcbf4d64476e0862c7a0d354613e Change log section for 'Unreleased 5.0.8'
+ 14ef640832942f66244b3513977054d060bd0cb5 Anomaly RM#15110 Invoice Interco : Assign account depens on invoice type
+ 8007ffa9ebad70f8e96f286e65c69a839a8820ca Anomaly #14655 Alphabetical order on the table producedStockMoveLineList
+ 11794c79edf6bc6e97536ab78d3a417153526f0e Anomaly #15109 MANUF. ORDER PRINTING : Hide barcode column when it is empty.
+ 938a2524aad94b04dfb5b520424ef3fa7da47352 Remove save on loading purchase order form.
- 8002ece60d990066ea615836bd9c7a778f28032c [Anomaly #15581] Stock chart : wrong action name
+ 286c349a8dbcec1f60c878b067ab0f9ce0a5ba9a Anomaly #15555 INVENTORY LINES : some products don't display(fix issue)
+ d4a3ef9898b2cf350609f328eb24f4056b1af53b RM12347: fix unresolved action error in App Config
+ 379e2b1ce3293ddb75080c19f08f4f4276d84b3e invoice: set journal & partner account on validation (#2729)
- 2cb16a5d23493d98a7494d450514b7724736ee12 advanced export: store dates & number as such in Excel export (#2736)
+ 485433ea9860053d4ad3346ad2872ef820fc4199 Update
+ 5005d6c8c864ae7ba1cba749a22cd9ff429694c9 Update
+ e96b37ad025d63c3ff67feed7396c9a0bf8edcbf RM#11395 : Removal of PartnerList Object and AddressController of Account Module.
+ ff8703cd1cd3c2ae2ca64719260d42be8c97b304 PaymentVoucher: fix display of confirm button for credit card payments
- 01fede9e498dc5ca213fe461641ba83b1fc9a3b0 RM14890 - General balance report : fix wrong sums when we filter on some accounts of the same branch
+ 0f72815b31b42b42d20155273b9edb2332c4e081 Anomaly RM#15110 Invoice Interco : Assign account depens on invoice type
+ 38172c58c177984aeed870d6da0828289c8bb393 RM#6753:Inconsistency in selections
+ 6f6dfe1f44a011e800b0e1e1ffb426db5d6265af Applied spotlessApply for code formatting
+ e2d6beb299b2619759bfaf1dcea03f8860b3269c 5.0-dev : #14534 disabled 'canEdit' on some fields (#2915)
+ c76ee1aff0b88f5a8ac33f67380537c43ed0639c Release 5.0.8
+ 4441d0cf01b0068466457b0c526e5ea4cddb84d4 Updated base_year
+ 7659577decc8e9a60cb48f78e9c78f5a452ec153 Anomaly RM#11887 - SALEORDER : Email birt issue
+ f49add92e21469d18c19387c2de1c76274fd6a51 Anomaly #15935 MOVE : Disable canEdit on journal
+ 5df0954f1ba8b2366a9843373a8385b76fd2064e Anomaly #14625 SUBROGATION RELEASE : form view
+ 168ca961a1761327705603f64cacd3572ddb3ffe [Anomaly #14696] RECONCILE : missing sequence alert
+ fe87c595821fc5c2f4c350b26f45efdc7a416392 Anomaly #12956 Naming Tool : Missing reserved java litterals

Est-ce qu’il est prévu de les basculer un jour ?

De ce que j’en vois