Incoterm in the Purchase Order missing?

How can I add Incoterm (EXW, FCA, etc) to a Purchase Order? It seems to be missing.

Hello @marty

Install the Supply Chain app, if it’s not already installed.
When the Supply Chain application is installed, in the Delivery panel of SaleOrder, you can select an occurrence to value the incoterm field .

For purchases
Stock Management > Stock moves > Supply Arrivals

If the incoterm occurrences are not suitable, you can manage them in
Stock Management > Configuration > Incoterms

I am sorry, but I don’t get how is this relevant to what I asked. I am not asking about Sales Order (Sales app). I am asking about Purchase Order (Purchases app). The question remains. Any relevant help?

If you take back my post, I still noted that for purchases, the Incoterm management was done by
Stock Management > Stock Moves > Supply Arrivals
In the Axelor Standard, Incoterm management is not possible in Purchase-Order, but you can always extend the PurschaseOrder entity, with a field

<many-to-one name = "Incoterm" ref = "com.axelor.apps.stock.db.incoterm"/>

Thank you. Axelor is a beautiful product. However, this is a significant deficiency of Axelor. Placing a Purchase Order with a supplier without specifying the Incoterm is unseen. A workaround of doing a Supply Arrival upfront is an unnecessary burden and contradicts the natural ordering process. Unless I don’t see something, this deficiency should be treated as a priority by the Axelor team.

It seems the same is with specifying the shipping account; it is impossible in the Purchase Order.