Installation guide link broken

Hello! I just wanted to let you all know that the installation link in the github readme is broken. It’s a WAR file, so I’m assuming a standard tomcat install is in order. But, I just wanted to make you all aware. :slight_smile:


I have verified that the GitHub README link is not broken. You can access the source file from the following URL:

and for Axelor Open Platform

You can find all the ways to install Axelor Open Suite on the following website:

The website provides detailed instructions on how to install Axelor Open Suite on different operating systems and platforms.

To run our application from source, you will need to set up the project. Please see the installation guide for more information.

Guide docs:

or you can check the below video links for installation

[FR - WINDOWS] Installation guide from sources • Axelor

[FR - UBUNTU] Installation guide from sources • Axelor

[EN - UBUNTU] Deployment guide war • Axelor

[FR - WINDOWS] Environment installation guide • Axelor

[FR - UBUNTU] Environment configuration guide • Axelor

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Thank you that’s extraordinarily helpful! For clarity, the link I was referencing that seems broken can be found at:

This line in the readme:

You can find more detailed installation instructions on our documentation.

points to Introduction | Axelor docs

the link appears to be valid. But doesn’t point to any installation guide

I was able to install on my own via tomcat and the WAR file. Just mostly a heads up :slight_smile: I’ll review all the provided materials to ensure I’ve got the best installation method when we go to production. But for now I’m largely just testing

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