Installation Issues

Good Evening guy,

am new in this forum and I believe that this is the best app for my business and I have been trying to install in window, Centos, Ubuntu and Fedora and they all failed.

am using this and I have failed. I suspect the problem is at .

/gradlew -x test build

it dont build on first trial but on second time it build successfuly …
kindly any one guide me on how to do this properly I need this app very much.

I there any way to deploy this to ocean digital with ease?

thank you

Kindly any help on how to install this app am really struggling…


Could you please specify what’s the problem (stacktrace, catalina.out files, etc…)


Big pb with installation, why itis not easy?

Axelor is an advanced product not a Microsoft one :slight_smile:
It’s not really complicated and the community can help you to succeed, but to help you please provide some explanations ans details.