Installation problem

I have some problems to install axelor source from git, i followed step by step the installation procedure as indicated on the axelor website :
but the installation doesn’t work, the database is not initialized, and i have error 400 in my browser
The system config is :
OS : Win 2012 R2 Server
Web serv : Tomcat 8.5.34
SGBD : Postgresql 9.6.1-1
and jdk 8u181

Could you please attach the log you get on server start?

I finaly fixed the problem, in fact the problem was at the memroy option in tomcat, I just increase the “initial memory pool” to 512 and the “maximum memory pool” to 1024, and that work correctely
My be with the default confi of tomcat, the tomcat server did not have enough resources to perform all the tasks

Yes you are right, memory must be configured properly according to your system for best performance.