Installing axelor on my website


Is there any step by step on how to install axelor on website instead of local host? I managed to
install axelor on my local system but i am struggling to install it on my website hosted by bluehost.
Can anyone help please or just some brief instructions? I am also confused how to point the database to link to the axelor.


do you have ssh access to your server

yes i have ssh access to the server

Hello Locours,

You have to send the sources via FTP to your host, that you create your database on your host.
You then define the connection parameters in the file

The ssh will only allow you to be able to launch gradle commands remotely via terminal

Good luck

thanks for the info brother,really appreciate it. I am confused about how to put this url right way. Below is the line i use for local system. If my website name is and database name is axelor5 how to put this correct way, can you help please?
db.default.url = jdbc:postgresql://localhost:5432/axelor5

If you look in the file:
From your project, you will see the information from your online database to be entered in this form:

db.default.driver = org.postgresql.Driver
db.default.ddl = update
db.default.user = USER
db.default.password = PASSWORD

the url being the one provided by your host

Good luck !

here is cicd pipeline setup, equally applicable to your environment

@Linuxien shared the right path