Interaction between adk and abs

Hi there,

I’m trying to set a full development environment in eclipse. I want to be able to modify some adk specific files (axelor-web files, jsp etc) and other modules as well. Is it possible to set everything up in the same eclipse environment ?

I already suceed in setting up everything for ABS in eclipse with a tomcat server, but I don’t see where the ADK is when doing it (so I can modify files).

More generally, I don’t fully understand the interaction between ABS and ADK. What is the difference ? What do I get when I build ABS with eclipse without touching to ADK and vice versa ?

Can anyone help me with this ?
Thank you


ADK is a dev kit used by the ABS. All core and global Web App mecanisms are located inside the ADK. All business objects (domains), view, menus, etc. are defined in the ABS modules.

If you want to use a custom version of the ADK inside your ABS, just clone the github repo (, compile it using “gradlew --no-daemon -x test build” and use it when compiling your ABS gradlew --no-daemon --include-build [path-to-adk-project]

To load it inside eclipse, just run import the project folder as a gradle project.



The ADK project contains tomcat-web, but during the build, it dos not run!
Can you tell me the solution dto do with IntelliJ or Eclipse to run it, to see the changes in ADK directly.