Internal Classification Number

Hi guys
Can anyone tell me, how to enable field « Internal Classification Number »
I searched everything, I can’t find it anywhere


You don’t need to ?
think to click on save for update the calculation

I didn’t quite understand your message.
I want to edit this field, how can I do it?

this 3 field in a row are all about the first one.
add 14 caracters on the first one, save the partner and see the distribution of caracter on this 2 other fields.

That’s just the point that they are not filled at me. I thought they can be used manually for additional classification of partners (tags would be ideal, but they are not in the Axelor)

try with 14 numbers

Problem is that I located not in France, and my partners not from France)

it’s a problem if you add 0 ?

1 « J'aime »

No problem.
Thx for help

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