Invoice Account Error

Hi All,
Encountered a issue with
« Please make sure that the customer account for the invoice is configured to be reconcilable and that it can be used for partner balance. »
I have

  1. Configure the accounting as follows

  2. The Sales Account is configured with partner balance and reconcillable

How should I resolve this?


you have this error in the invoice document ?
Please share the accounting of this invoice

How your partner/customer is configure for accounting ?

I assume the invoice accounting is this

And for each partner, they have the code 500-00


Not sure whether this helpful. This is the detailed one, where I left the default blank.

Your accountType is receivable. I think this isn’t good.
I don’t have a lot of time. I will try to find other think to check later today

I don’t know you knowledge for accounting.

I know that Axelor base this accounting for french.
I don’t think that your configuration is adapt for this structure of accounting.

code : 500-00
Name : SALES
AccountType : Receivable.
And you configure it for customer account.

→ No for me, it’s not logical.

A logical way :

code 411 (french accounting for customer)
Name : All customer, or a specific one with this specific code 411001 for example, and with 411 as parent code.
AccountType : Customer
and this same account for the customer accounting.

For an account for sale.
code 707 (french accounting for selling product)
Name : a category of products. 707001 for a specific product for example.
AccountType: Product
On the product configuration, select this account when you sale