Invoice - Phases by roles

Hi All,
With regards to Invoice phases, there are Draft, Validated, Ventilated, Canceled

We will like to split these phases by roles, eg. management can validate it, accounts can ventilate it.

Please advise how to configure it. Thanks.



you should use the Axelor No Code section, I meant Axelor App builder part, it will come under the BPM, you can define your workflow and it will help you to route the same document to any departments. Last day they did one event and explained that.

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Hy Andrew Tan EC,
Hope you are doing well.
your problem can be solved if you use read

readonlyIf="!( ( $group == ‹ management › || $group == ‹ admins › )"
showIf="!( ( $group == ‹ accounts › || $group == ‹ admins › )"

you can get group name by getting value through context in the action view of the menu.

I hope it will work for you !

if not do not hesitate to reply or even message.

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HI Zeeshan,
Thanks and will try it out.

Hi Siddique,
Thanks and will learn it. Think the latest version have some examples for me to go through.