Invoice - Ventilate error

Hi All,
I am trying to ventilate a invoice and the error code appears below
" has a total debit different than total credit "

How should I address this?

Hi, this is an accounting issue. To ventilate an invoice means to write the accounting entries.

If the credit and debit are not equal, the entries cannot be validated. This involves taxes and product prices.

Some ideas for debugging:

  • If the invoice includes more than one product, verify each new product.
  • Conduct tests for each product to isolate the one with the error.
  • Manually write your own accounting entry to ensure the journal is correct.

Hi @dtneo ,
Thanks and my error starts from validation and is not creating debit line.

Credit line is fine.
2024-03-26 14:21:47.870 DEBUG 23168 — [http-nio-8052-exec-10] c.a.a.a.s.m.MoveLineCreateServiceImpl : Creating accounting move line (Account : TRADE DEBTORS, Amount in specific move currency : 140.00, debit ? : false, date : 2024-02-26, counter : 1, reference : WI-2402-0001

2024-03-26 14:21:47.909 DEBUG 23168 — [http-nio-8052-exec-10] c.a.a.a.s.m.MoveLineCreateServiceImpl : Creating accounting move line (Account : TAXATION, Amount in specific move currency : 12.60, debit ? : false, date : 2024-02-26, counter : 2, reference : WI-2402-0001

Is there any config that I am missing? I tried testing but can’t seems to find it.



I’m not entirely sure what the issue is, so I’ll broadly explain what I understand to help.

  • Regarding accounting rules (I’m French and not familiar with international accounting standards, but since Axelor is French, it likely follows French accounting rules), you need to create a complete entry with at least two lines (up to an infinite number), ensuring that the credits and debits are equal.

Here’s a model for a sales invoice:

  • Credit: €100 // customer purchase
  • Credit: €20 // 20% tax
  • Debit: €120 // Customer owes, including tax

=> Total credits: €120 | Total debits: €120 // This entry is balanced and should be valid.


  • Try using the Axelor online demo for comparison to see what you’re trying to create versus what is already validated in the demo.
  • Complete any missing configuration details:
    • Customers need a specific accounting account
    • Products require configuration for the accounting line (purchase account, taxes during purchase and sale, and, of course, the sales account)
    • Taxes need to be configured with the accounting account
    • Journals must be correctly configured Accounting configuration: accounts and journals | Axelor docs
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Hi @dtneo,
Thanks for the detailed explanation.
I am checking the difference between my 2 version of Axelor

  1. Did not import demo. Manual import custom configurations.
  2. Import all demos. This works with custom chart of account, and from sales process to invoices.

Still figuring out the issue, as I have a new problem.
Accidentally activate « invoice term », under Financial Account. Now it can’t be switch off.

And this error occurs.

Seems like this is not resolved in the other thread too.
Solved partially. I need to enable « Activate invoice term ». So it is now left with the debit issue. Will continue to troubleshoot. Thanks.

@bma-axelor Please advise if possible on reason for debit not being done. Thanks.

Hi all,
Just found that it is to fill up the payment condition line. Then the error will be gone.


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