Is caldav supported by iCalendar?


Trying to configure my caldav calendar at iCalendar setting ( ds/admin.root.calendars.icalendars ). I have tried using various calendar type options available like:

    but there seems to be configuration error in all.

Resolution required

Is caldav supported by Axelor ? What setting will enable this feature ?

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as per my understanding we can use axelor built-in views while using calendar ( any calendar type )

you can use calendar type by changing it in action-view .

using you can change the calendar type here by searching in views .

here are the all views of Calendar type …
its upto you now.

hope you understand !
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Thank you for the reply. The issue is however about caldav support not for changing calendar view. It seems axelor doesn’t support caldav protocol.

Did you get caldav to work?
I can put in a valid configuration - I had to add some nginx rewrite rules in front of the caldav server to get it to work. But sync of calendar does not work. Axelor logs an exception (at DEBUG level):

action: com.axelor.apps.base.web.ICalendarController:synchronizeCalendar
“ObjectNotFoundException: No calendar-home-set attribute found for the user” at net.fortuna.ical4j.connector.dav.CalDavCalendarStore.getCollections(

I tried iCal_server and added rewrite rules for that to work, but Axelor didn’t seem to like the data it received during a sync:
com.axelor.apps.base.ical.ICalendarException: java.lang.NullPointerException, at com.axelor.apps.base.ical.ICalendarService.sync(

The caldav server does not log any 404 or other such errors, so the problem appears to be in Axelor.