Is it possible to change the action in axelor-open-suite modules?

I’ve tried to change onClick actions in axelor-project, but it seems that it doesn’t work. So, is it possible to change the built in modules for development?


  1. You can change view/action/… of other project
  2. Don’t forget to restore all view if you just change something in the jar file
  3. You can edit them directly from the Axelor UI
  4. You can create a new view, with the same name, with an higher priority

Hi, thank you for reply.

I tried to change views and actions in views folder. However, it seems like everything I change in /axelor-project/src/resources/views will not work.

I also tried to change xml files in /axelor-project/src/resources/domains folder, it worked as expected.

Can you explain it or show me an example of how to change views/actions in built in apps?

Thanks a lot

you are changing in file and expecting it will load it, than you need to see that it load from DB after installation, if you want to refresh from files, you have to click refresh from views tab, let me know if you need more assistance

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