Is marketing campaign actually working?


I’ve been trying out marketing campains in Axelor, and while I more or less understand, I can’t create a target list (either standalone or from within a marketing campaign). The issues I am facing are:

  1. Even though I want to target Partners (customers for example), I have to enter a filter for Leads as well, otherwise validation fails. In order to workaround this issue I switch the Leads filter to « Manual » and leave the filter empty. Is this the intended use?
  2. If I enter a simple filter condition in Partners (e.g. isCustomer is true), no partners are returned when I click « Open filtered partners ». As a matter of fact, nothing happens. I’ve even tried inverting the condition (e.g. isCustomer is false), so even if none of the partners matches the first condition they should match the 2nd one. But still nothing happens
  3. I cannot save the target list. Once I workaround #1 « save » is active and validation succeeds. Yet clicking « Save » does not save the record and the form remains in the dirty state. No message is shown, no error is logged in the browser’s console - it simply does nothing.

I am using a local installation of v6.0.7, but I also tried the same in the public demo site (found here: with the same results (only difference is you can only create a target list from within a campaign)

Do marketing capaigns actually work or is it work in progress?



In the creation of the campaign, select the target(s), then click on the Generate Targets button, then the filtered third parties will be generated.

If the Emailing tab of the Campaign is correctly configured, you will be able to make an e-mailing campaign for example.


The problem is not with the campaign itself. In order for « Generate Targets » to work you have to first select a target list. But the problem is that it is impossible to create a target list because you cannot save it.

Have you actually tried it on the demo site?
In the demo site there is no wayt to create a target list directly (no menu entry). You have to create a campaign and while creating the campaign click New on the target list. The form to create a target list opens and you can select the criteria for the partners you want to include in the target list. Then you should click OK to save the list and return to the campaign with the newly created target list selected. However clicking OK does nothing at all: not saving the target list, no error message and of course not closing the target list form.

Never mind, I figured it out.

The issue is that you have to provide filters for both Partners and Leads even if you only want to target one of them (in my case only Partners). If one of the filters is empty, the target list will silently not save even though validation succeeds.

Since I want only Partners, I need to provide a filter on Leads that returns an empty result set. The simplest way I’ve found to do this is select « Manual » filter and enter « 1=0 » in the query field. Not sure if there is a better way, but at least this works.

It would be nice if you could just select wether you want Partners, Leads or both so that you don’t have to provide additional filters