Is possible populate a grid with List of objects?

Hi All
I would like to populate a Timesheet grid with a complex query.
Is possible populate this ActionView with the returned Timesheet List

ActionViewBuilder actionView =
ActionView.define(I18n.get(“Employees Timesheet Status”))
.add(“grid”, “employees-timesheet-status-grid”)
.add(“form”, “employee-timesheet-status-form”);

Then specify data list to render?


in my view or knowledge is only the custom view can be rendered with custom query, rest someone from axelor team can better comment

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Thanks @siddique
I did a custom view! However I was also looking for a different way to to it!

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In java controller, you can define the domain (filter) to apply on the grid view (possible to build a complex query condition in java). Better to build a filter with some conditions instead of return a list of id. If you return a list of id, if you refresh the grid, the controller is not called and the results will not update.

Hello @gdu-axelor
Thanks for clarification, I was trying to use domain and filtering

However this is my query

WHEN ht.status_select=1 THEN ‘Draft’
WHEN ht.status_select=2 THEN ‘Waiting Validation’
WHEN ht.status_select=3 THEN ‘Validated’
WHEN ht.status_select=3 THEN ‘Refused’
END AS status_select,
ht.from_date, ht.to_date
FROM hr_employee he
INNER JOIN auth_user au ON au.employee =
LEFT JOIN hr_timesheet ht ON = ht.user_id
WHERE he.manager_user = :userId AND (current_date >= ht.from_date AND current_date <= ht.to_date)
AND ht.status_select < 5
SELECT, null, null, null
FROM hr_employee he2
INNER JOIN auth_user au2 ON au2.employee =
WHERE he2.manager_user = :userId AND not in (
FROM hr_employee he3
INNER JOIN auth_user au3 ON au3.employee =
LEFT JOIN hr_timesheet ht2 ON = ht2.user_id
WHERE he3.manager_user = :userId AND (current_date >= ht2.from_date AND current_date <= ht2.to_date)
AND ht2.status_select < 5
ORDER BY name;

If possible could you post and example how you use domain filtering with a complex query.