Is there a way on how to add/change a database driver?

Hi everyone,
First I want to change the mysql connector driver from 5.1.41 to 5.1.44 for axelor-demo.
Second If I want to add new database driver (Sql server), how can I do it?
I try to modify the adk/gradle/libs.gradle, but the libs is still with old versions in axelor-demo.war.
So in general, how can I apply modification in ADK to any axelor project (axelor-demo)


If you want to update a driver you have:

  • to change the ADK/gradle/libs.gradle (as you’ve done)
  • to compile the ADK using gradlew --no-daemon -x test build
  • to refer to this personnalised ADK from your DEMO project by adding --include-build ../your-path-to-local-adk, just to avoid your ABS to use the online ADK version.

Only MySql, Postgres, Oracle and HSQL are supported.


Thank you for your reply, I got it

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