Is there a way to make form/panel title dynamic?


I want to make few of the titles in the form (form/tab title and also panel title) to come dynamically from view parameter or another field in the form, Is that possible?



You have to use an action-attrs in order to achieve it. Call that action on onLoad and/or onNew of the form view.

Here is an example :

<form name="my-form" title="My" model="com.axelor.db.Object" onLoad="my-action">
  <page title="Notes" name="somePanel">
    <field name="myField">

<action-attrs name="my-action">
      <attribute name="title" for="somePanel" expr="eval: myField == 1 ? 'Title' : 'AnotherTitle'"/>

Depending on the value of myField, it will update the somePanel title.